3 Tips Before You Launch your VA Business

If you follow me on Periscope then you know I’ve been giving tips on preparing your business for a virtual assistant. I’ve had several people inbox and email me inquiring about becoming a Virtual Assistant. I am excited that so many people are taking a leap into entrepreneurship and creating wealth for themselves and their families. But as with any business it’s imperative things be done in decency and order. So, I’ve created 3 tips before you launch your VA business.

  1. Create a business plan. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Start with a business plan to outline your objectives, services, target market, niche marketing plan, etc. This will help you in setting your price points and help you establish your goals for the first years of your business. There are several templates online to assist you on things you need to cover in your plan.
  2. Take care of the legalities. Make sure your business is legitimate. Decide your business structure. Are you operating as a sole proprietor, limited liability company or corporation? Once you’ve decided apply for the necessary articles and register your business. Be sure to research the requirements in your state & county regarding work from home businesses, licenses, etc. Apply for necessary licenses, obtain EIN numbers.
  3. Setup your workspace. I’m not talking about the right feng shui here. Setting up your VA business¬†office is more than a functional space and nice desk. It’s important that you have the right internet speed to work for clients. You are billing clients for your time. They shouldn’t have to pay for your slow internet speed. Make sure you have a computer with a large RAM that can handle multiple applications running simultaneously and has a camera for Skype and conference calls. Get a business line using an online phone system like¬†RingCentral or Google Voice.

Don’t make the mistake of being so eager to start your VA business that you skip the essential steps needed to make it work. Building a business on a shaky foundation will only lead to a collapse in the end. For more information or to join my VA Coaching Program click here.