4 Tips to Avoid Being Hacked

Everything is online now right? We do online backing, bill payments, files management, bookkeeping, the list goes on and on. So, it’s imperative we do everything possible to keep our online information as safe as possible. Here are four tips to help prevent being hacked:

  1. Don’t use the same password for all of your sites. It’s easy for you to remember but it’s also easy for your entire online profile to be hacked. If by chance hackers figure out the password to one site, they are going to try that same password for every other site. Using the same password means that hackers now have access to your entire online portfolio.

  2. Don’t use common information. Again, it’s the easiest not to forget your password right? Children, parents, and spouses names are the most common choices for passwords. They are also easiest to guess. Family members are easily accessible online with the help of sites like white pages and social media profiles. If you MUST use names as passwords try combining family members names.
  3. DO use symbols and numbers. Many websites require the use of symbols and numbers in creating a password. That’s because passwords with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols are much more difficult to guess and for hacker software to decrypt.
  4. DO use creativity. What’s your favorite quote or bible verse? What about your first vacation destination or teacher’s name. These are all excellent passwords. Combining them with a symbol and a number make them even more secure. For example, if my first vacation was Disney World I might use something like “D1$ney1986” It encompasses the use of symbols, mixed letters and numbers.

With Fortune 500 companies being hacked and consumer information floating around the internet a little too freely it is important to guard yourself as much as possible. Don’t be an easy target. And if all these passwords are difficult to keep track of, try using a password vault like LastPass.